India Travel and Tourism – A Rejuvenating Experience

India, a country situated in South-East Asia attracts tourists from all across the world all the year round. The country is bestowed with immense beauty, splendid landscapes, rich cultural heritage and all the states have its own charm and appeal. As a matter of fact due to the uniqueness of the states and diversity, it appeals to tourists from all parts of [...]

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Business Traveller Flying to London? A London City Guide for Getting to the Centre

London. The vibrant, beating heart of the United Kingdom. It's one of the world's most popular destinations for tourists, and for business travellers too. The amount of [...]

Travel Europe – How to Travel Europe on a Cheap Budget

We all want to travel Europe on a cheap budget these days. Budget and discount price airlines have sprung up in almost every European country in the last few years - all of [...]

Golden Ring of Russia – Travel Guide

WHAT IS IT: The so called "Golden Ring of Russia" is a symbolical ring connecting historical towns and cities to the North-West of Moscow. They represent 1,000 years of rich [...]

5 Education Centres to Visit While on India Travel Tours

Learning outside the classroom is a concept that seems new but is an age old concept in India as it facilitates the process of learning and nurtures creativity in individuals. [...]